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Arkansas Needs Leaders

We are recruiting people who have a passion to serve Arkansas and their communities to deal with the critical problems facing our state. Many social and economic problems face Arkansas communities, especially in rural areas. To help resolve these problems, citizens must show initiative, responsibility, and good decision-making. In challenging situations, it is difficult to lead farther than you have gone yourself. Some of Arkansas’ leaders have never traveled beyond their state or national boundary. Our state needs more visionary, pragmatic leaders bound by public needs to serve their neighbors.

Arkansas is no longer isolated -- its boundaries now extend around the world as national and international forces profoundly affect life in our state. Arkansas is increasingly influenced by decisions made in Washington, D.C., on farm programs or environmental protection; in New York corporate headquarters on employment in Arkansas manufacturing or industrial plants; or in Bejing, New Dehli, London, or Tokyo on international trade and finance.

Any leader who has a vision with both a close focus and a wide-angle perspective is in more touch with the changing world. These leaders are not pipe-dream visionaries, but leaders whose knowledgeable perspectives can solve problems and save money in the long run. We believe that these dedicated, passionate leaders can increase their knowledge of resources and improve their leadership skills by participating in LeadAR.

What is LeadAR?

The Lead Arkansas (LeadAR) program is a two year life-changing event for emerging Arkansas leaders from rural and urban communities. Our goal is to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of the economic and social changes affecting our state through the practical application of leadership skills and development of expertise to address critical problems facing their communities. The training is focused on basic skills in communications, interpersonal relations, networking, economics, policy formation, role of government, and social and cultural understanding. Men and women in this program explore the legislative process; the long-term effects of our government’s agriculture, trade, and economic policies; and current issues facing our state in education, health, water, economic development, and criminal justice. The program consists of 11 three-day seminars held in communities all over Arkansas. Seminars are conducted by political and business leaders, state and federal agency personnel, university staff, and others. Each class participates in a twelve day study tour to another state and Washington, D.C. to learn about issues beyond our borders and those affecting our nation. If funds are available, each class will also participate in a two week study tour to another country to learn about a culture different from our own and another system of government.

Current LeadAR Events

(Starting within 90 days or ended within the last 90 days)

6/11/2015 - 6/13/2015  Class 17, Seminar 3 ExCEL 

6/12/2015 - 6/12/2015  AALA/Class 17 Cookout 

8/29/2015 - 8/29/2015  30th Anniversary Celebration 

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